His Majesty’s Exploratory Force


His Majesty’s Exploratory Force is well known in Throal, its exploits celebrated in song and story.

The primary purpose of the Exploratory Force is to investigate unopened kaers, welcoming the inhabitants (if any) into the new era and recovering what they can from the kaers’ depths. Its duties include mapping the kaers, eradicating Horrors or other dangerous creatures that dwell within, and recovering documents, valuable antiquities, and magical treasures.

The organization’s secondary function is to explore and map all of Barsaive. To this end, large and small Exploratory Force expeditions regularly leave Throal for the wild, uncharted regions of Barsaive where no one has set foot since before the Scourge. As part of this job, the Exploratory Force maintains the distance markers located all across Barsaive and installs new markers as needed.

The current head of His Majesty’s Exploratory Force is a charming, restless dwarf archer named Oergesol. Oergesol’s career as an active adventurer came to an end when an infection acquired in a dank kaer cost him the use of his left eye.


His Majesty’s Exploratory Force

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