Ancient and powerful elder dragon


Icewing seems to have closer ties to the young races than any other elder dragon. His primary lair is known to be high in the Throal mountains on Mount Vapor. Reaching the lair is a treacherous and difficult two-day trek up an icy crag. The lair itself is based around an ancient crater containing a field of hot springs, steaming steadily in the high mountain air, giving the mountain its name.

Icewing has an open door policy of sorts towards Name-givers, allowing them to approach his lair on Mt. Vapor on the condition that they bring a suitable gift.

Due to their adventures in the belly of the Throalic mountains, Icewing “granted” our adventurous group an audience. The content of the audience is not pubicly know, however, whenever our group of adepts came back from Mt. Vapor people said they looked fiecer and more purposeful than before…



Die gerechte Jagd Ral